Been trying to look after myself/body in somewhat recently, cause i normally dont care at all. So dicided to start going to the gym, in 4 weeks time ive put on 3.5kgs. Pretty happy atm with progress so far, starting to notice some shape and muscle definition. Currently weigh 71.5kgs. After 3 months total id like to see myself beat my original 3month goal of 75kgs. Hopefully see a new and better Adam


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Send me “have you evers” and i’ll answer yes or no.

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could you please fill out this quick survey for me?


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you don’t understand how hard it is to take a selfie when you’re ugly

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So last night i went to a ‘B Theme’ 21st as Barney the Dinosaur

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What's wrong?...

Just some personal stuff getting the better of me.

This is fucked

Life’s perfect at the moment due to this little ratbag

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They're all qualities that you possess, i like it :)

Thanks :)